What I eat in a week

Zsolt Stefkovics, founder of vegan chocolate company Fellow Creatures shares his food diary


During the spring, I'm more prone to having a cold smoothie in the morning instead of a warming porridge. Today, I blitzed up frozen summer berries with hemp milk, a big spoonful of peanut butter, a dash of agave syrup, and some spinach remaining in the bottom of the bag from last night's dinner.

At the office, I ate lunch late; it was 3pm by the time I realised the multiple miso soups during the day satisfied my appetite.
I love cooking dinner; I think direct connection with the raw foods make every bite more delicious. I find it therapeutic to peel potatoes, individually cut cherry tomatoes, or massage kale.  Tonight, I made a super salad with a kale base featuring soy sauce glazed tempeh, cannellini beans and pickled beetroot.


This morning, we received several samples of new Fellow Creatures products from our factory, so our morning meeting included excessive consumption of creamy chocolate.
Indulge at 10am - cut back at lunchtime. To balance out the naughty morning snacking, I had houmous and crunchy carrots.  Later on, I met our design team who presented packaging concepts for the new products.
For dinner, we had a quick and dirty vegan spaghetti Bolognese.


I woke up super early, so I had some time to have a slow morning with a coffee, granola, while firing over emails by the window.
After a busy morning at the office, I met my friend for a walking takeaway lunch. There's a lovely family-run Korean restaurant near our office; I went for tofu bibimbap. Our office is based in Edinburgh, New Town, with Dean Village just a stone's throw away;  a picturesque medieval area where we had our takeaway on a bench by the Water of Leith.
For dinner, I made a handsome buddha bowl with tempeh, avocado, homemade lacto-fermented carrots, couscous, and fresh veg - any dish to justify eating with chopsticks is a winner.


This morning was sunny, so I made myself an iced latte and made my way down to the office. Oatly's Barista hits the spot every time. At my desk, I had a quick bowl of cereal with blueberries and a quick meal deal for lunch - Wicked Kitchen, hail Tesco.
I had a cheeky snack of Fellow Creatures Raspberry White Chocolate to combat the 3pm energy lull.  There are evenings when I'm just not inspired to cook fresh; tonight was one of them. I found a perfect portion of peanut butter chickpea curry I had made a couple of weeks ago - thank you past me!


Overnight oats for breakfast with turmeric and cinnamon, topped with frozen berries, agave syrup, coconut, and fresh basil leaves - trust me, it's delish.
Working from home on Fridays usually gives me a chance to cook up a proper lunch; usually a loaded veg soup. Today I put split peas into it.
In the evening we had a Zoom party with our friends. We ordered pizza from our local vegan pizzeria Nova Pizza. They do an amazing with seitan - you have to try it if you're in Edinburgh.


We have a subscription for bread with our local bakery; we get a sourdough baguette and a rye loaf every Saturday morning. Using the baguette, I made an epic BLT with THIS's plant-based bacon and juicy tomato. We headed on a massive walk down to Portobello beach. We grabbed a coffee and soaked up the atmosphere while sitting down on the beach.
In the evening, we had yesterday's soup, then a cheeky late-night snack of non-dairy Ben and Jerry's.


Since the start of the pandemic, the weekly shopping trip with my partner has pretty much become the pinnacle of the week. Wearing our Sunday best, we headed to Sainsbury's to stock up on veggies and some pantry and freezer staples. I also wanted to try Future Farm mince to recreate my Hungarian gran's iconic recipe - cabbage rolls.  It's a comfort dish that takes me back to childhood.
The dish features a heavily seasoned mince and rice mix, which she rolls into cabbage leaves to form cute dumplings. The mince parcels are cooking slowly in a pot along with sauerkraut. The recipe that has been perfected in our family by many generations. I'll be proud to pass it down in its vegan form.

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