Which Foods Do Vegans Miss At Christmas?

A new survey taken by the supermarket Waitrose has revealed the Christmas foods that vegans miss the most.

The survey found that the food that vegans missed the most was turkey, with 24 per cent of people saying that they missed the traditional meat. That isn’t to say that these people want to eat turkey anymore, which we are sure that they don’t, but there is a certain nostalgia around turkey at Christmas for those who have converted from omnivore to vegan. Happily, there are plenty of plant based meat alternatives at this time of year which are cruelty-free, compassionate and earth-friendly.

Next on the list of most missed foods is beef (22 per cent) and goose (18 per cent). The Christmas dinner trimmings scored lower on the survey and just 17 per cent of people said that they missed Yorkshire puddings most, 12 per cent for pigs in blankets and 10 per cent missed gravy the most.

Interestingly, Waitrose’s survey found that 8 per cent of vegans will be cooking a mostly non-vegan meal to accommodate for omnivorous family members.

Other interesting stats from the survey:

  • 37 per cent will be serving a completely vegan Christmas spread.
  • 55 per cent of vegans who are going to another person’s house for Christmas will take their own food.
  • 30 per cent of vegans are nervous about vegan options that they will be served.

It is not surprising that some are nervous about what food they will be served by non-vegan family members and some of the surveyed people admitted to having been offered plain vegetables, bread and chocolate spread and beans on toast for their Christmas dinner.

What is the worst festive vegan meal you have had at Christmas time?

If you are hosting a vegan this Christmas, this article by the Vegan Society has your back!


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