Why am I vegan - Anthony Browne

Why am I

Name: Anthony Browne
Age: 76
Bedfordshire, UK

I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I started to be vegetarian in the mid 80s and joined the Vegetarian Society. I then became vegan in the late 90s - not so easy in those days. However, I knew it suited me and I still enjoy it. I joined the Vegan Society in March 2000.

MY ADVICE TO OTHERS BECOMING VEGAN IS… Do your best to stick with it, as it takes time for your mind and body to adjust. You will eventually, in many ways, become aware of its benefits.

MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE… Is the general realisation that one of the many ways to save our planet for future generations, is for vegans to work hard to change the still current attitude towards the animal population. Respect, don't kill and consume.

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Why am I vegan - Anthony Browne


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