Why am I

Name: Tallulah Lebon
Age: 19
Norfolk, UK

I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I've been vegan since birth - so why change? Animals are not food, and no one should be brought up to think they are. All animals have a heart, lungs and brain - just like we do. They don't understand why humans are killing them for fun or to eat them. What have they done to ever be treated like this? Veganism is also incredible for health and has really helped me growing up with loads of intolerance to wheat and gluten.

MY ADVICE TO OTHERS ON BECOMING VEGAN… Don't stress thinking it's too hard to find vegan food as all is labelled hugely in all supermarkets.

MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE… For all people to consider going vegan and helping all animals by seeing that veganism really is a way forward for the planet.


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