melanie garnett

Why am I

Name: Melanie Garnett
Age: 20
Kent, UK

I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I took part in Veganuary as a challenge to raise money for charity and stayed vegan after learning about the realities of animal agriculture. Healthwise, going vegan made me feel like a whole new person and I could finally have a good relationship with food.

I made a lot of mistakes, but four years of veganism has led me to meet wonderful people, become more compassionate in all aspects of my life, enjoy cooking and align my morals with my actions.

MY ADVICE TO OTHERS ON BECOMING VEGAN… See it as a fun challenge and a chance to explore new things. Vegan food is so creative and exciting; you aren't giving anything up by ditching animal products. Join vegan groups to meet new friends and help you on your journey. Invest in some good recipe books and visit vegan festivals - they are so much fun!

MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE… For vegan food to become more accessible worldwide and for vegan values to be something we raise the next generation with.


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