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Why am I

Name: Will Rankin
Age: 51
NUMBER OF YEARS VEGAN: 4/5 years vegan, veggie prior to that
Chalk Farm, London

I WENT VEGAN BECAUSE… I’d been veggie for decades, but I learnt a lot more about the horrors of dairy and egg production, and that turned me.

MY HOPE FOR THE FUTURE IS… that more and more people turn to a plant--based diet, at least... for the animals for the planet and for their own health. It’s a no brainer and it frustrates me. I’d also like to see meat eaters adopting a less aggressive, defensive stance when talking to vegans. Given that we know shifting to a plant-based diet will save the environment and people’s lives, I would hope in future that governments take stronger steps to educate people about veganism.

MY ADVICE TO ASPIRING VEGANS IS… learn as much as you can about the way animals are treated. Any wobbles you might then have are quickly assuaged when you remember the living hell we’ve created for them. Learn about nutrition, learn to cook if you can’t already, and assess your store cupboards. Learn a few good answers to respond with when asked ‘why are you vegan’, ‘where do you get protein’ etc... and be happy that you’ve taken a step towards a more compassionate, happier life.

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