Watch: Will.I.Am Continues His Promotion of Veganism Via Instagram

Will.I.Am has continued his promotion of veganism via Instagram in a series of three posts, including a video. At the beginning of the year he turned to a vegan diet amid health concerns which saw high blood pressure and cholesterol. The posts talk about the importance of eating plant based food as a form of self-medication.

The Instagram posts see the musician sitting down and talking about his feelings towards the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). In the first Instagram post discussing the topic he said: “I find it funny that the FDA are the same agency… The FDA approves things for us to eat that’s harmful and approves drugs for us when we get sick from the bulls**t we were eating.”

The video and posts see him share his frustrations of the food industry and the way that they handle their contradictory approach to regulation, describing it as “there’s a force, a dark force out there that is doing a very good job of keeping us all sick.”

Other people have called out the government for their approach to the food that they promote, including over 12,000 doctors. The US Government were condemned by doctors for partnering with Pizza Hut which will see 25 per cent more cheese added to pizzas. Dr Neal Barnard commented on the matter saying: “Why is the government trying to get us to eat more cheese at the same time they urge us to limit saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol?”

He describes his ‘VGang’ as: “noun – a group of people taking a hardcore gangster approach to wellness and conscience living.” Will.I.Am has an Instagram following of over 931,000 people, and is using his platform as a way to address issues such as gun violence, music and activism, too.

Would you consider yourself to be part of the VGang?

VGANG: noun- a group of people taking a hardcore gangster approach to wellness and conscience living… The Lobbyists are doing an amazing job making sure their products they sell to us are able to stay on the shelves…and those companies spend billions of dollars combined to market to us… And the drug companies are sitting back like vultures waiting for someone to get sick to provide a their product… VGANG!!! Is me lobbying for me, and taking control of my life and what I eat… VGANG!!! Is me fighting & Lobbying for the earth via being nutrition conscience on what I put in my body and what I support… VGANG!!! Is me fighting back with my mind, my selection & my dollar… What I buy and buy into effects not only me, but the environment and all living things… #vgang #art #smart #heart

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