Win Up To £500 In Vegan Organic Network’s Save Our Wildlife Video Competition

Spread awareness and be in with the chance of winning a cash prize in the Save Our Wildlife Video Competition

First prize: £500 2nd prize: £300 3rd Prize: £200 and more prizes to be announced.


save our wildlife



Are you a keen videographer and wildlife lover? Then why not combine your passions, in Vegan Organic Network’s ‘Save Our Wildlife Video Competition’?


Established in 1996, Vegan Organic Network (VON) is an educational charity working for food to be grown the veganic way – that means without animal agriculture, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Through educational events, campaigns, YouTube videos and blogs, VON aims to teach the masses the veganic way and move the world away from harmful animal agriculture.


Winning entries will be part of VON’s social media campaign targeting the public and delegates attending COP26 the UN Climate Change Conference being held in Glasgow this November.


What Does The Competition Aim To Do?

VON’s film competition aims to spread the message that, ‘to save our wildlife we must move to a plant-based food system’.


Win Up To £500 In VON's Save Our Wildlife Video Competition 1


Did you know that of all mammals on Earth, ONLY four per cent are WILDLIFE, 60 per cent are farm animals and 36 per cent are humans?

By adopting a plant-based food system, land used by farm animals can be converted to wildlife habitats.


  • 80 per cent of the world’s agricultural land is used for farming animals (livestock farming).
  • When we remove the farm animals from our food chain, corn and soya fields required for animal feed can be transformed into nature reserves.
  • World agriculture must move towards “people nourished per hectare”.
  • Veganic agriculture is green, clean and cruelty free, it uses less land, water and fossil fuel resources than farm animal (livestock) dependent systems and creates a wildlife friendly environment where nature can thrive.


Make a short film and help spread this urgent message to your friends, family, community and to politicians around the world.


Win Up To £500 In VON's Save Our Wildlife Video Competition 2


How to enter Save our Wildlife Video Competition:

  1. Make a short video 60 seconds or under, which communicates that: To Save our Wildlife we must move to a plant-based food system.
  2. Your video can be reportage, documentary, narrative (scripted) as well as an animation or a song or dance. There are no limits to your creativity, you can even submit multiple entries to the competition – spread your wings!
  3. Top entries will be posted on VON’s website and social media channels so the public can support their favourite idea. This will be taken into account when the judges choose the winners.
  4. Closing date midnight 8th October 2021.
  5. Read article on VON’s website: Saving Earths Wildlife Through Radical Change.
  6. Watch Time is Running Out
  7. Be creative, share your video, get the message out and be the difference.
  8. Winners to be announced in Vegan Organic Network Newsletter October 2021 .
  9. Competition open to all ages and nationalities.

Enter competition via Instagram, Facebook or YouTube

  • To enter via Facebook: Like and follow Vegan Organic Network Facebook page (, upload your video to Vegan Organic Network Facebook page and press share.
  • To enter via Instagram: Follow Vegan Organic Network Instagram (, upload video to your Instagram account and tag #veganorganicuk and other tags about wildlife, sustainable living, farming and being vegan. Set your account to public, so VON can see your video!
  • To enter via YouTube: Upload your video send link to and share on your email and social media platforms.




Tag your friends and tell them to enter, too!

Sponsor the competition.

For further information contact:




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