World Cup Sausage Foul

In lieu of the 2018 World Cup that kicked off in Russia yesterday, Berlin based nutrition retailer nu3 has released some impelling data that reveals just how much football fans’ sausage consumption will impact our environment during the FIFA World Cup this year.

By analysing match attendee’s average sausage consumption per game in one of Russia’s two FIFA stadiums, nu3 (using data provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)) has calculated the quantity of CO2 emissions that will be released each football match as a direct result of the meat, but particularly sausage consumption by football fans.

A staggering 3,056.6kg of Co2 will be produced per average football match due to the incredible amount of sausages eaten each game (approximately 24,650); To give you an idea on how much this will impact our environment, nu3 have also revealed that it would take 1,934 hectors of Amazon rainforest one whole year to soak up this devastating amount of Co2 that will be produced during FIFA matches.

On their website, nu3 then make the comparison between the consumption of animal products versus the consumption of non-animal products in one country, per year, to reveal what a huge and positive impact a vegan diet could have on our environment; Veganism is an increasingly mainstream lifestyle choice, as demonstrated by our vegan product revenue doubling in the last year alone.

“With this study revealing how switching diets could drastically reduce our carbon footprint, it’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore the benefits of moving to a plant-based diet, both for our health and our planet.” Robert Sünderhauf, CEO at nu3.


For more information and full results on the main study, click here.


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