This Year's Must-See Vegan Documentaries

We’ve compiled together a list of this year’s must-see vegan documentaries, that each look at different areas of the food industry, animal agriculture and the issues that we face as a result of this. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of Eating Our Way To Extinction, the ethical problems of the food industry are the focus of Dominion, and The Game Changers looks into the health issues of eating animal products and non-human animals.

Rotten – Netflix

The new Netflix docu-series Rotten discusses the issues surrounding the food supply chain and food industry. The six episodes throughout the series expose the food industry, as opposed to discussing the ethics and animal welfare concerns that come alongside the world’s biggest industry. Fraud, unethical sourcing of fish, the preparation of food before being sold to the consumer, farmer’s pay, and the sustainability of supply and demand are focal points of the series. The episodes specifically look at the honey industry, food allergies, and suppliers of garlic, the chicken industry, changing diets and the dairy industry, and the diminishing global fish supply.

Eating Our Way To Extinction

This film is being bought to you by Ludo and Otto Brockway, a production team set up by the two brothers who make cinematic documentaries. Eating Our Way To Extinction is influenced by other documentaries such as Blackfish and Super Size Me, exposing the truth behind the animal agriculture industry. The film has been publicly funded after reaching their target of over £145,000 and will look at the environment, health, economics, compassion and the global movement of people leading a plant based diet. For updates on the film’s progress, you can check out the updates section on their Indiegogo page here.


Speciesism: The Movie

Director Mark Devries is behind the documentary Speciesism: The Movie. This documentary sheds light on the animals who are victims in the animal agriculture industry, and is inspired by a book that argues there is no justification to assume humans are superior to non-human animals. This film brings the audience face to face with the leaders of this movement, which is increasingly picking up momentum. The film examines the purpose of what these people are setting out to do, and exposes truths behind the industry. Although this documentary isn’t a new release, it’s still worth a watch for a different view on the food industry.


Dominion is the feature length sequel to Lucent, a documentary that focused on the pig farming industry. Filmed in Australia, Dominion focuses on the animal agriculture industry on a broader scale, exposing the abuse and use of animals in Australia that are all deemed to be legal practices. The film looks at six main areas – companion animals, wildlife, scientific research, entertainment, clothing and food. On the film’s website it says: “the film will question the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.”


The Game Changers

The Game Changers is a film made by James Cameron and Louie Psihoyos who is known for his work with National Geographic and several documentaries including The Cove. The film focuses on elite athletes that are at the top of their game and eat plant based diets. Athletes included are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dotsie Bausch and Kendrick Farris. Interviews with doctors and specialists in fields of nutrition, cardiology and genetics reveal the truth behind plant based eating and the health benefits associated with a reduced meat intake. The film made its debut at Sundance Film Festival and will hopefully be made available for the public to see soon.

Game Changers Movie

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