Yogi Grandmother Goes Vegan Three Weeks Before Her 96th Birthday

Anne Fraser who lives in Ohio adopted the vegan lifestyle three weeks before her 96th birthday, proving it’s never too late to make the change. She was encouraged by her granddaughter when she was 91 to become vegetarian to help recover from a hip operation, and has now changed to a vegan diet.


Speaking to Metro.co.uk about the fact she practises ‘chair yoga’, and instructs it at her local community centre every Monday. Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Anne said: I’ve always ended my classes with the meta prayer, ‘may all beings be happy and free’, and after becoming vegan, and learning how inhumane and cruel our animal agriculture system is, I realised that I wasn’t doing my part.

“I was praying for all animals to be happy and free, but not practising it by still consuming animal products. Now when I say that prayer it has a deeper meaning to me.” Her granddaughter is vegan, and seeing how happy she was with her plant based diet inspired her to do the same.



Anne also said: “Then I saw the documentary What The Health and found it convincing on many levels. I was particularly inspired by the stories of sick individuals going plant-based and being able to get off their medications. I had recently been diagnosed with Afib (irregular heartbeat) and put on a medication that made me feel tired and my legs like lead. I was desperate to get off it and a plant-based diet offered me hope.”


Anne is an inspiration to everyone transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, whether it be for health purposes or ethical reasons, she is a great example of proving it’s never too late to make a positive change.

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